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Laxmi Coin : India's 1st digital currency

India's 1st digital currency:

Laxmicoin® is a blockchain platform powered by billions of devices. Started in 2012, we are on a mission to make the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.But now in 2018, it is restarted.They have a very good roadmap nowThey have highlighted

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#1 VR Glasses - Get ready to experience virtual reality on your smartphoneThis VR Box Google Cardboard Inspired Virtual Reality 3D Glasses enhances the experience of watching movies or playing games on your smartphone. Simply insert your phone inside the slot provided and step into the world of

Be Sophisticated Be Updated - Go Wireles

About simple wireless solutions for your home, all revolving around your Wi-Fi router #BUYING A ROUTER In any wireless setup, your router is the most critical component so buy the best that your budget allows for.But before you invest in a router, you will need to do some pre-planning.For


Delhi this monsoon has been waking up regularly to incessant rain. Unexpected spell of rain has however led to inundation in many low lying suburban in the capital which eventually was causing traffic congestion. The extra long weekends on August 15 and August 16, lashed with heavy rain also