About Us and Our Concept

HAHi (His and Her iStore) is the largest saving & earning platform in India, conceptualised and engineered by a NITian in late 2014 where an MBA project of a basic fundamental concept of lifestyle made live for the benefit of Indian customers.We,the HAHi.in team understand the sentiment of Indian customers, the basic is, everyone feels happy making saving at shopping, and the happiness gets irresistible when there is an extra earning above it. HAHI.in gives you that pleasure. Our noble goal is to keep guiding India's online consumers on saving at shopping also providing an additional earning opportunity. HAHi.in has the largest collection and widest varieties of discounted products, offers, deals and coupons from retailers/merchants (online shopping store). Our RnD team keep continuous research on the market to find the latest deals, discounts and offers for you.You need to visit your favourite shopping store from HAHI.in by clicking our referral link (which land you in your favourite shopping store) and then complete the shopping in the same way you normally shops at online store. Thus you can save BIGin shopping and earn additional Cashback from HAHi.in.

An example: Suppose you always shop from flipkart and Snapdeal. And you have a very good trust with these sites. You buy a mobile phone from Snapdeal with 20% discount and it costs 20000/- to you. Now you do the same shopping in snapdeal clicking out the referral link via HAHI.in following the quick steps as - Login to HAHI.in | click on Snapdeal store/deals/coupons/products link | it will redirect you to Snapdeal site where you complete the shopping. That’s it but this time you are eligible for more discount as an additional cashback from HAHI.in.

Cashback concept is not novice. We engineered and enhanced it in such a way that everyone has an opportunity to take the advantage from HAHi.in to save and earn more.

HAHI.in has 2 way earning concept. One is explained above and another one is explained below.
Write to Earn - A unique Earning opportunity for writers and reviewers:
Do you like to write short stories? Do you like to write reviews on your favourite product? If you have been doing it, start getting benefit from HAHi.in. If you are thinking for it, start it today. Make HAHi.in your earning place. HAHi.in has a unique feature named “Write to Earn” where you can write stories/reviews and design it with links and images. You have the flexibility to publish your writing/reviews across all Social networking sites and share via email among your friends.

Now how you get benefited from it?
If a customer reads you review and purchase a product by clicking your link or image etc., you are qualified for earning. Read FAQ on how much you will earn.

Why we are the largest:

  • We have the highest numbers of shopping partners.
  • We have the widest catalogue of your daily needs.
  • We have the largest collection of Deal database.
  • We have the largest collection of discounted products database.
  • We provide the highest percentage of cashback payment.
  • We are increasing the number of “write to earn” data daily basis.